Anastasia Myskina

About Her Biography

July 7 2012: With many people betting on tennis outcomes in order to add extra excitement to matches, this can be both costly and time consuming if you really want to do your research.

June 2nd 2012: Anastasia is unfortunately not in action in this year’s Australian Open, you can still get in on the Australian Open, make a few bets if you are confident about a few matches, etc!

April 3rd, 2012: According to Wikipedia, Anastasia does not know whether she will return to tennis or not.  Injuries have certainly been a big part of this indecision, as she would have to be healthy to make a comeback, but I wouldn’t go looking for her in the major Tennis Odds until we hear anything else!  Though we love Anastasia, there are certainly other fantastic players to follow.

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April 20th 2010: Anastasia is pregnant again:) More news as we get it.

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May 28th 2009: Anastasia is currently in Paris working for Russian media, she was showed on tv and apparently (I was not lucky enough to see) looked great:) Anyone got a photo?:)

December 31st 2008: Anastasia is making headlines around the world because of 3 photos taken of her with retired figure skater Anna Semonovich..!! See them here, here and here.

August 3rd 2008: See an interesting interview by Russian TV (in English) with Anastasia here🙂

April 29th 2008: Congrats to Anastasia as she gave birth to a healthy baby boy:)

December 26th 2007: A bit of news about Nastya, she is apparently now pregnant but has split from her boyfriend..! Hope everything goes well Anastasia:)

October 11th 2007: Anastasia was in Tashkent last week during the WTA tournament over there, see an article here.

September 18th 2007: See another good video of Anastasia about her skating abilities here🙂

September 17th 2007: Anastasia was in the attendance this weekend for the Fed Cup final where Russia won a 3rd title in 4 years, see a photo here🙂

September 16th 2007: More news about Anastasia:) She will apparently be taking part in a celebrity skating competition in Russia:) Best of luck Anastasia!

September 15th 2007: See a good video about Anastasia, her current status, her work on tv and possible return, see it here🙂

June 24th 2007: Anastasia confirmed she had reinjured her foot at the French Open and that she would not be training for months, she will resume her work on Russian tv for now. She does not want to officially retire in case one day…

June 13th 2007: Unfortunately, looks like Anastasia is still injured, she withdrew from the Wimbledon Championships, read out it here.

May 30th 2007: Unfortunately Anastasia Myskina suffered a 2 set loss in the Roland Garros 1st round, a 6-1, 6-0 loss.

April 17th 2007: Great news as Anastasia has seen some doctors who seem to have confirmed that her toe was now ok and she could start training again:)

April 11th 2007: Anastasia has a new sponsor in Chinese company Haier, see two new photos here and here🙂

April 9th 2007: Anastasia was a reporter last weekend as she attended the Davis Cup tie between Russia and France, pretty cool hey? See two photos here and here🙂

March 17th 2007: More news and unfortunately it looks like it’s more bad news… Anastasia gave an interview to a Russian media and seems to have said she doubts she’ll be ready to play for the French Open in May:(